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Fee Schedule
New Site Design   $ 65.00 per hr.
Site Re-Design $ 65.00 per hr.
New pages to existing site $ 65.00 per hr.
Minor additions of text, images, PDF links & PDF conversions $ 45.00 hr.
Logo Creation & re-design of new header $ 150 to $ 250 flat fee
  • (min. charge based on 5 minute increments per request which will be rounded up to the next 5 min. increment.  Basically, $3.75 per each request taking 5 min. or less)

  • File upload/download time is factored in to billing fees. FishChamer.com has fast Comcast Cable internet connection.
Information Services  $ 65.00 per hr.
  • Research
  • Photography
  • Copy Writing
Scanning / Digital Photos  
  • From $7/image + travel time @$20/hr. outside 25 mile radius.

  • Flatbed scanning of your original photos or artwork at web resolution, including minor image retouching, brower and file size optimization, and published to your site.

  • On site digital camera photos, including minor imagae retouching, browser and file size optimization and published to your site.

Important Information on Cost of Services

At FishCharmer.com we provide, as accurate as possible, cost estimates based on YOUR description of the project. Within our cost estimate, expected changes which invariable occur during the design and implementation of the site, have been factored in.  However, if you request services not included in the original quote, you will be informed of the estimated additional cost.

Most fixed quote projects require a 1/3 deposit before work can begin, 1/3 when the site is ready for your review and the balance due on publishing the site for public view.

All product files become the property of FishCharmer.com and may be purchased on CD for an additional fee.

FishCharmer Web Design

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