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Custom Designs

Most information can be transformed into a custom web site to highlight your business, product or services. This can be obtained from a full-fledged professional company image to scribbled notes and a couple of photos.
Custom site designs can run anywhere from $200 to $2000, or higher, depending on what features you need and how many total pages your site will have. For a free quote, fill out our on-line form. The ability to stay within budget gives us satisfied customers. You will never be presented with a bill that is unexpected. If any features or changes you request will make a difference in the price of the site design, you will be told before it is done. You have the option to decide how much your site will cost.

You will be able to follow the progress of your site on-line and give immediate feedback before it's "published" for all on the WWW to see.

The Total Package 

Dependable hosting...we can get you set up with a dependable service provider with plenty of extras provided in one package... 25 Mb storage or more, unlimited data transfer, email forwarding, POP3 email accounts or assist you in talking to your provider. Basic search engine submissions, and general site maintenance are among our services. We can assist you in obtaining your domain name or do it for you with just a minimal amount of information.

Associated Costs

Major changes or additions to sites are charged by the hour. Site maintenance fees depend on the extent of service desired and are determined on an individual basis.  Please see our Fee Schedule for more information.

Important Information on Cost of Services

At FishCharmer.com we provide, as accurate as possible, cost estimates based on YOUR description of the project. Within our cost estimate, expected changes which invariable occur during the design and implementation of the site, have been factored in.  However, if you request services not included in the original quote, you will be informed of the estimated additional cost.

Most fixed quote projects require a 1/3 deposit before work can begin, 1/3 when the site is ready for your review and the balance due on publishing the site for public view.

All product files become the property of FishCharmer.com and may be purchased on CD for an additional fee.

FishCharmer Web Design

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