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Almanor Fishing Adventures
Almanor Fishing Association
Amador County Historical Society
Auburn Elks Lodge #1691
Auto Jerk Decoy Systems
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Bare Bones Guide Service
Bent Rod Fly Fishing Adventures
Billy Guinquinto
Burton, Richards & Swett, Attny's at Law
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Carrington Customs
CIFFI  (California Inland Fisheries Foundation, Inc.)
CLEARS Border Chapter
CLEARS Central Chapter
CLEARS Central Coast Chapter
CLEARS Inland Chapter
CLEARS Northern Chapter
CLEARS Southern Chapter
CLEARS Superior Chapter
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D.H. Cabinets & Countertops
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Fish with Larry
Foothill Garage & Wrecking
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HomeTown Radio - KVGC
Hook & Ladder Guide Service
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Intimidator Sport Fishing
Ione Business & Community Assoc.
Italian Benevolent Society
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Jackson Lions Club
Jackson Business & Community Assoc.
Jim Thompson Photography
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Karmere Winery
Karen Buell
Kennedy Tailing Wheels Park
Kneading Dough Bakery
KVGC Radio - Hometown Radio
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Loan Right  (Samuel Hensley Mortgage Professional)
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Mike's Lake Almanor Guide Service
Mother Lode Quilters Guild
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NAMI Amador
Nifty RV and Mobile Home Park
Olive Hill Kennels / Quail Point Hunt Club
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Radical Glow Lures
Right Hook Sportfishing
Roster Tails Fishing Club
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Samuel Hensley Mortgage Professional
Save The Wheel
Sep's Outdoors
Sep's Pro Fishing
Serenity Tibetan Terriers
Short Circuit Electric, Inc.
Sunnybrook Equine
Sutter Terrace Home Owners Assoc.
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The Fishing Instructor
Tin Star Security
T-Roy's Guide Service
TW Fishing Guide Service
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Ultimate Bass Radio
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Whimsical Art
WLC Fotography  
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Important Information on Cost of Services

At FishCharmer.com we provide, as accurate as possible, cost estimates based on YOUR description of the project. Within our cost estimate, expected changes which invariable occur during the design and implementation of the site, have been factored in.  However, if you request services not included in the original quote, you will be informed of the estimated additional cost.

Most fixed quote projects require a 1/3 deposit before work can begin, 1/3 when the site is ready for your review and the balance due on publishing the site for public view.

All product files become the property of FishCharmer.com and may be purchased on CD for an additional fee.

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